Reason to buy from Green Valley

Always has the highest quality and the best healthy live fishers

Always has the widest fish varieties on offer

Always the best and competitive prices from Sri Lanka

Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff with 24hr contactability

Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff with 24 hr contactability



All quoted prices are in units of US Dollars FOB Sri Lanka.


All livestocks are carefully selected and assured to be free of disease prior to shipment through the intensive quarantine procedure.


All Fresh Water Fish are packed in pressurized oxygenated double plastic bags and Marine Fish are packed individually. The Bags are packed in cardboard box and forigated box. 396mm X 460mm X 348mm and 587mm X 438mm X 306mm

Packing Charges

Fresh Water Fish Box = US$ 12.00 / BOX weight approx: 12-14 Kgs
Marine Water Fish Box = US$ 12.00 / BOX weight approx: 12-15 Kgs
Aquatic Plants = US$ 10.00 / BOX weight approx: 7-8 Kgs

Other Charges

Handling and Documentation charges Will be 120.00S$ per shipment

Quantity of Fish per Box

Approximate quantity packed for each variety is indicated in the stock list of Fresh Water Fish. These quantities however would vary depending on the duration of Air Line transportation. For flight duration above 30hrs the packing quantity in column B will be applicable

Ordering and Delivery Procedure

  1. The minimum order should be not less that 10 boxes
  2. Order should be sent directly to Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd. by fax or by email and will be executed within 07 days of receipt of payment.
  3. Freight should be on charges collect payable at your end. (freight can also be prepaid provided we receive the payment in advance
  4. Prior to the shipment it is necessary for you to confirm acceptance of shipment to the respective airline office in your country, so that we could dispatch your consignment without delay.


Payments should be made by way of Telegraphic Transfer to our account as listed below.

Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd.

Bank :  Sampath Bank Ltd, Kandy Super Branch, Sri Lanka

Branch Code :  007

Account Number :  500740000090

Swift Code :  BSAMLKLX

DOA – Death on Arrival

If any DOA, should be informed within 48 hours upon the receipt of the shipment with sufficient details for the cause. All acceptable claims (this will be depend on mutual understanding) are replace in your next shipment or will be a credit in to your account.