Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd

Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2006, and it is situated in Sri Lanka which is called the Pearl of Indian Ocean. The company has successfully expanded in to major export markets by raising high quality tropical fish and specializing in supplying of all kind of live bearing fish. Our present customer chain is spreading all over the world and we serve our innovative aquatic products to Australia, Japan, South Africa, Europe and USA.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to maintain quality products and satisfy the individual needs of our customers, while providing a rewarding work environment for our valued team of employees.

Our Mission

We take the greatest care to each specimen in our facilities to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. With a modern facility for stocking purposes, our customers are assured that a large number of species are available in stock & properly quarantined prior to export.

It is proudly say we have develop our business capacities to achieve the competitive market because of our customer satisfaction through the quality products.

 Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd is the best ever ornamental fish and aquatic plants exporter in Sri Lanka which has been trading high   quality fresh water, brackish   water and marine ornamental fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the international market   since 2006.
The fish breeded and grown in our farms leave the aquarium grounds as a leading local fish supplier to other Ornamental fish exporters in Sri Lanka. We have also become one of the top producers of Guppy in the country through the Ten farms that we presently operate by expanding largely opening additional fresh water ornamental fish farms in Kandy district. We always work hard to give top services and most variety fish available in the ornamental fish industry.
After many years, we have been expanding our breeding division, and breeds more 500 varieties freshwater ornamental fish in order to fulfill our customers’ requests. Our newly developed high tech environment friendly farm is ready to serve freshwater ornamental fish in more than 2,500 fish tanks.
We have experienced more than 20 years of Breeding Guppy, swordtail, Platy, Molly, Gourami, Angels, Barbs, Tetra, Fighter, Zebra, Discus, Malawi, Oscar, Cat fish etc.
We specialize in 100 varieties of guppies, 40 varieties of swordtail, 25 varieties of Platy, 30 varieties of Molly and Carp, 15 varieties of Angels,15 varieties of Barbs.
The In-House facility with 1,800 tanks, are established to make a full control of all the incoming fishes into our facility. With the bio-security standard quarantine, includes the good treatment on the food and medication, within 3-5 days we will have the fishes leaving the facility in the best condition.
We would like to take good opportunity to offer our products to you with completive pricing with Live Guarantee.

Our Company Details

Name of Company : Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd.
Nature of Business : Farmers and Exporters of Freshwater Tropical Fish
Registered Office : Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd.
No. 03, Gedarawela, Menikhinna, Sri Lanka, 20170
Province : Central Province
Telephone/Fax : +94 812 376 477
Mobile : +94 776 307 530
Email :
Chairman : T.H.A. Hamangoda – +94 776 307 530
Director : Dilum Somaweera ( Director ) – +94 766 307 533
Kanchana Hamangoda – +94 779 880 120
Sam Bandara ( International Marketing Director )  {LL.B, LL.M (UK) (International Business Law) Attorney at Law (SL)}
Legal Status : Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd is registered under the Company Act No 17 of 1982 in Sri Lanka
Date of Registration : 20-May-2006
VAT Registration : N(PVS) 49257

If you are interested of visiting our facilities or having a shipment from us, please do not hesitate to contact us to our phone number or email address. We are most happy to welcome all new buyer/customers to try our best quality of Sri Lanka’s tropical fishes.

Thank you.

Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd.